Common Entrance Test - Sans Common Sense

As a medical graduate at war with the Indian educational system for entrance into a post-graduate medical course, it was almost imperative that my first blog post would have something to do with the post-graduate medical entrance examinations. What I did not foresee however during the period I was planning to start a blog was  that I would be preoccupied with yet another so called ‘radical change’ in the examination system, or at least a proposal to do so.

Due to constant experimentation by the powers that be, I have always suffered from something like ‘The Guinea Pig’ Syndrome. Be it the introduction of Hamlet at the Plus Two level or the sweeping changes in the WBJEE question format in 2001, I have always been astonished as to why an ‘essential’ change has to be made in the system just as we approach the concerned examination, especially since after about two to three years’ time, the ‘essential’ parameters change drastically to compel the authorities to alter the system again, usually reverting to the old system in the majority of the cases.