Paradise lost?

Torrential rains,getting drenched in the terrace or garden and then being spanked by elders-isn't it a known page of our childhood story book? Well, seems the rain Gods have been more than giving this season as far as Delhi is concerned. The higher than normal rains might be a rebuff for mundane workaholics and CWG officials, but some know how to make the most of this opportunity. The popular rhyme goes- "rain rain go away, little Johny wants to play"-but the little Johnnies on the streets who do not make into the books, lives, or mere thoughts of any rational man, are probably having absolute regalement....!

A Friday afternoon took everybody by surprise as the heavens opened up suddenly on the unprepared mass, leaving people scurrying for shelter in a popular multiplex, precisely when the stupendous sight unfolded in front of us(I was also present in the building). The street urchins appeared out of nowhere and started frolicking in the courtyard of the building.

The slippery courtyard with pools of water had transformed into a skating ground for them and they skated with their slippers worn in their hands! A peculiar action of diving on the ground after a short lap of running and then being propelled forward due to the slippery surface was indubitably enthralling..!! They were almost singing out loud - ''...but lets throw ourselves in and get soaking wet...''

What most of us - decent and affable strata of the society would find abominable, belittling, or a misdemeanor maybe, was the source of immense gratification for these kids. Deep down their hearts the spectators might have been lead to their childhood days- but if we have to go by the consensus gentium of decorum and attitude, can we even let our children imagine about something like this?

Well, eventually the rains stopped, and as the people stranded inside the building started leaving, these kids were spanked and sent off and thence ended their entertainment. Well, even I was politely but literally spurned by the guards to stop indulging in video recording these kids as people behind me needed to move- but for a moment these kids really made me retrospect my feelings- can we or our children ever enjoy these rare moments in our lives ever after this?

', not if we have to maintain our social approbation and affectation...'- my brain answered.


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