Watershed? Or Bad Days Ahead?

July 27, 2010 - Liverpool, United Kingdom - epa02262996 (R-L) Joe Cole, head coach Roy Hodgson, Danny Wilson and Milan Jovanovic attend a press conference at the Anfield Road Stadium in Liverpool, north west Britain, 27 July 2010. The three soccer players were unveiled as Liverpool's new signings under newly appointed head coach Roy Hodgson.

Being a doctor, especially one trying to crack the notorious post-graduate entrance examination system, hardly leaves me with any time for recreation. However, one thing I just cannot live without is the beautiful game of football. Unfortunately, being an ardent fan of Liverpool FC is no less a test of endurance than being a medical PG aspirant, especially during the trying times the club is presently going through.

This summer was being touted as the watershed moment – Liverpool would have a new owner (obviously with loads of cash to splurge around), our stars would refuse to leave the club showing their loyalty and commitment and above all, a bunch of swashbuckling superstars would be brought in to bolster the squad. Imagine the disappointment when the most publicised takeover bid (from Kenny Huang & Co.) turned out to be a damp squib, one of our star players reportedly went on a strike to force through a move away from the club and to top it all, a 29-year old left back was heralded as a significant boost to the ailing squad.

I’ll have to accept that there have certainly been some positives this season – the recruitment of Roy Hodgson has stemmed the decline and hopefully there will be a reversal of direction under his guidance. The arrival of Raul Meireles, Joe Cole and Danny Wilson and the retention of Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres have surely been good signs but with Torres persistently grumbling in the media regarding the need for new owners, there seems to be a dark cloud on the horizon if things are not sorted out soon. The Liverpool FC fans were screaming for a new striker to be brought in to support the injury-prone Torres but not only did we not get anybody to fill that role but also one of our ‘untapped potentials’ Ryan Babel provided some comic fodder for the media and other fans by reportedly going on a long-winded helicopter trip across the country as if Liverpool FC were some sort of ‘Sky Shop’ peddling goods to other clubs. How the mighty have fallen! There have even been reports that former Arsenal and Barcelona man Hleb actually preferred Birmingham City to Liverpool!

The addition of Milan Jovanovic and Christian Poulsen may be seen as gambles because the level of physical endeavour required to perform in the Premier League is quite different from the other leagues and neither of them is a spring chicken any more but only time will tell whether they can flourish on the pitch or turn out to be disappointing bits of business like the ones done during the reign of Rafa. Whichever way the story unfolds over the next few months, it is certain that Liverpool need a rich saviour, some savvy dealings in the transfer market and a whole lot of luck to squirm out of this hole – after all, we would not like to think of Liverpool FC as another Leeds United in the making! One thing that the club can be sure of is the unwavering support of the fans ..... we are always with you guys.....now show the world what you can do! YNWA!!


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